Larry Chapman

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Larry Chapman

Postby cbergen » Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:21 pm

Larry lives close by, flies the Turbine and gasser, adn is very much into the V22 Osprey style of birds.
Chris Bergen
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Postby v22chap » Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:42 am

Hey ,,, great board Chris ... Yes I live within 1/2 hour of the shop coming home from my work and if you need me to I can stop by and bother Chris and the Bergen crew even more than I do now :twisted: .

As R keith said I am looking forward to helping those who have questions on the great Bergen products .

Now that the kids are mostly gone maybe I can do a few more funflys and get to meet a few more of you face to face. But don't blame me if after I help you ,,your bird takes off vertical and then transitions into airplane flight :oops: :lol: I have this nasty bad habit called "Tilt rotor" itis.
I also can't help you much with the wild stuff Mal,Greg and Ron do ,,, my passion is scale and getting newbie's going in the hobby .

I plan on shoe horning an "E-Bergen conversion " ( not factory electric modification of a Bergen gasser) into my Hirobo super cobra this next yr ,,if the conversion works out and stays together this yr in pod and boom you may see me at some scale events. :D
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