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Turbine Observer Specs

Postby cbergen » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:34 am


Length: 65" Height: 22" Weight: 25 lbs. Fuel Total: 88 oz.

Main Blades: 850 mm or 890 mm MAH Hi Lift Blades(included) Tail Blades: 130 mm(included)

Rotor Span: 6' 5" (77") Tail Rotor Diameter: 13.5"

Engine: Wren MW 54 2 Stage Turbine Engine Gear Ratio: 10:1:4.67

The Bergen R/C Helicopters Turbine Observer is a dedicated Camera Ship. Based on our Observer mechanics, the reliable and powerful Wren MW 54 Turbine Heli Engine, and 850mm standard or 890 MAH Hi Lift Blades, we have added a front mounted pan and tilt system to give you a machine capable of lifting up to 40 lb useful payload of camera equipment and radio gear. The camera mount is capable of supporting up to 10 Lbs total, including camera, Batteries, and downlink equipment.

Putting the camera equipment on the front keeps you from having to utilize a tall landing gear and the inherent problems associated with it. A front mounted camera also allows you a clear 270-degree field of view, and the pan and tilt system is vibration isolated from the mechanics with 5 heavy -duty isolators to give you the clearest picture possible.

The Turbine Observer uses G10 stacked frames and a torque tube drive on the tail. It also comes with all the standard features from the Intrepid line of helicopters, including a self aligning double stacked clutch system, Double stacked Main Gear, a triple bearing block supporting the drive pinion and start shaft, a 10mm fully hardened hollow main shaft, an all aluminum head and blade grips, and an aluminum push-pull control system designed to eliminate any swash plate interaction through the full range of travel. What this means is a reliable and stable platform for your camera gear.

The dual 33 oz. fuel tanks plus a single 22 oz. tank provides a flying time of approximately 40 minutes.

This helicopter is prebuilt and test flown by Bergen R/C prior to delivery. Your radio gear is requested, or can be purchased through us.

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