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Industrial Twin Specs

Postby cbergen » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:32 am


Length: 59" Height: 22" Weight: 18 lbs. Fuel Tank: 32 oz.

Main Blades: 810mm V-Blades(included) Tail Blades: 130mm(included)

Engine: Twin Cylinder 52cc

Gear Ratio7.5:1:4.67 other ratios available upon request.

The Bergen R/C Industrial Twin is a workhorse capable of lifting up to a 25 lb. payload or fly for one half hour on a tank of gas. Flight times will be reduced the heavier the payload.

The Industrial Twin uses a twin cylinder engine, producing approximately 8 horsepower, manufactured by Bergen R/C utilizing components from Zenoah G-26 engines. A single carburetor manifold is used for ease of mixture adjustment. A large, high efficiency fan provides cooling for the engine.

Power is transmitted through a heavy-duty double clutch and clutch bell to a double main gear. A fully hardened 10mm hollow main shaft turns the all aluminum head and fully ball raced aluminum blade grips. Symmetrical 810mm V-Blades are included to provide the lifting power. MAH Hi-lift 890mm blades can be substituted for increased lifting capacity.

The Industrial Twin features an aluminum torque tube to transmit power to the large aluminum tail gearbox with Delrin gears and 130 mm tail blades.

The landing gear is doubled to handle the weight of the helicopter, and 1/8th G10 frames provide the strength to hold it all together.

The Industrial Twin comes pre-assembled and test flown from the factory. Only minor assembly is necessary after you receive the helicopter. We will install and use your radio gear for the test flights.


(shown with optional fibreglass canopy and optional Twin Muffler)
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