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Twin Observer Specs

Postby cbergen » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:31 am


Length: 60" Height: 21" Weight: 25 lbs. Fuel Tank: 32 oz.

Main Blades: 810 mm V-Blades (included) Tail Blades: 130 mm (included)

Engine: Zenoah/Bergen G52 Gasoline Engine Gear Ratio: 7.5:1:4.67

The Bergen R/C Helicopters Twin Observer is a dedicated Camera Ship. Based on our popular Intrepid Gas mechanics, the reliable Zenoah/Bergen G52 engine, and 810 mm V-Blades, we have added a front mounted pan and tilt system to give you a machine capable of lifting up to 20 lb useful payload of camera equipment and radio gear.

Putting the camera equipment on the front keeps you from having to utilize a tall landing gear and the inherent problems associated with it. A front mounted camera also allows you a clear 270 degree field of view, and the pan and tilt system is vibration isolated from the mechanics with 4 heavy -duty isolators to give you the clearest picture possible.

The Twin Observer uses G10 stacked frames and a torque tube drive on the tail. It also comes with all the standard features from the Intrepid line of helicopters, including a self aligning clutch system with a factory installed clutch liner, a triple bearing block supporting the drive pinion and start shaft, a 10mm fully hardened hollow main shaft, an all aluminum head and blade grips, and an aluminum push-pull control system designed to eliminate any swash plate interaction through the full range of travel. The 32 oz. fuel tank provides a flying time of approximately 30 minutes.

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