Bergen Gasser EB Main Gear questions

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Bergen Gasser EB Main Gear questions

Postby Calman » Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:36 pm

I have had 2 teeth strip off my main gear for no apprent reason, it has only done hovering and circuits.
When I looked in the manual and on the website your manuals only show the installation of the Part No. 1270 Main gear but my EB has the constant tail drive main gear 200A, I can't find any manual for this.
Also the main gear sits on the centre of the pinion but I can grab the main gear and move it up till the main gear is almost touching the top bearing block on the pinion, is this normal.
I have taken the blades off and turned the main gear by hand and it feels smooth all the way round, not sure if it picked up a bit of something in the gears or not, by the way there is one tooth completely missing and the next tooth is good and the next one is nearly broken off.

Thanks Steve
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