"X" arm assembly

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"X" arm assembly

Postby nordic-nature » Sun Apr 29, 2007 3:13 am

I had an issue with mounting the "X" arm on the collective axle.
Using the jamnut and a M3x20 screw, I noticed that this screws has a step on their heads with a light smaller
diameter of exactly 5mm.
This is also the diameter of the jamnut going through the bearing 5x8x2.5F.
Adjusting the screw and jamnut to obtain free movement (page 42), it's not possible to adjust the freeplay
or to reduce it. The bearing moves axial on the jamnut and the head of the screw.
I would like to recommend a M3 washer between the headscrew and the jamnut to lock the inner ring
of the bearing on the jamnut.

Another issue is the slightly twisted position of the elevator yoke after assembling the collective arms.
I can't achieve a free movement in the down position as it scrapes at the frame. The bolts in the yoke are straight,
the frame is square (90°).

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