The main advantage..??

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The main advantage..??

Postby wilga12 » Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:18 pm

Hi folks

I am new to choppers and have been doing a lot of reading...Here and elsewhere...

I must admit that I'm still a bit stumped as to why the "EB" option is offered for the Intrepid..?? My guess is that it's a move to enhance the situation for 3D excursions...I'm all ears here so please enlighten me...Thanks...

Oh Yeah,...I see that most (Well, maybe all) of the models that Bergen offers allow a choice of final drive ratios,... is the reason here just to allow a larger choice of blade lengths..?? So one would choose the lowest ratio to run the longest blades..?? ...Yes..??

Last question...In the Boaters world,...we run the Zenoah engine the 23 and the 26 both in an aircooled version and a watercooled Some of the fellas run alcohol/oil mix as a fuel in stead of the more usual High test Gasoline/oil mix... The question is as long as the oil content is sufficient to take care of the lubrication requirements it should be ok to run alky/oil as well as the gasoline/oil mix in the choppers,... does that sound correct. And yes,... I do know that the oil content needs to be higher with alky than in gasoline do to "The Lubricity" difference in the two fuels...

I ask this question because I've got a whole bunch of good quality straight Methanol to use up,...before I switch over to Petrol exclusively...

I'd just as soon not have to buy a .90 size Nitro Chopper to use up all my meth. before I can get around to what I really prefer, and that's your Intrepid...And maybe the EB.

Thanks Much..............Dave R...
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Postby cbergen » Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:06 pm

EB stands for "Extended Boom". This allows the use of up to 810mm rotor blades.

This is generally intended for use as an aerial platform for camera work, but has also proven to be a stable, easy to see and fly bird for an all around good sunday flyer.

Different pinions are offered to allow for the use of different blade sizes and different engines, such as the Hanson pro 3D engine which prefers to run at higher RPM's.

It's all about keeping the engine RPM's in the power band for a given headspeed, which is dictated by blade size (710 vs 810)

If I'm not mistaken, to run alcohol requires some changes to the carburetor. For our application in heli's there really is not much benefit to running alcohol, and it is suggested to run low octane gasoline, NOT high test.

High octane requires a timing change to run correctly, which is not possible with the current configuration of Zenoah G26's or 231's. They are designed to run on the cheap stuff. How many people do you know run high test in their weedeaters?? :D
Chris Bergen
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Postby wilga12 » Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:56 pm

Chris ...

Thanks for the return...No You aren't mistaken about the changes necessary to the carbs mostly jetting related changes I really wasn't looking for any advantage for running the Meth.,.. other than an outlet for the using it up...

I'm curious,...Could you expand on your statment about the larger blades proving to enhance stability and ease of flight,.. for someone who's mostly interested in a GOOD Sunday flier..??

Thanks Again.................... ...Dave R..
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Postby filmflyer » Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:59 pm

Hi Dave
Well I'm sure Chris will jump in here as well but this is how I explain to most folks the stability of the larger blade size.

Just take for comparison a small stunt plane vs a large airliner, sure the small plane is able to snap around and do very quick turns and such but the controls are somewhat sensitive as well compaired to the larger plane.
More surface area generally equals more stability. Ask anyone that flys a small electric Heli vs a large 90 size or gasser the larger heli is easier to see and will always be more stable hands down. I know this is a very basic explanation but I hope it helps
Troy Giles
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