Intrepid Gas Specs

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Intrepid Gas Specs

Postby cbergen » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:33 am


Length 54" Height 18" Weight 12 Lbs 16 Oz Fuel Tank

Recommended Main Blades 720mm Tail Blades 95mm

Engine Zenoah G-26 Included

Gear ratio 6.43:1:4.67 standard (14 tooth Pinion)

The Intrepid Gas is a stacked frame model with G10 frames and fin set.
The engine is mounted to the frames with a total of 7 attach points making for a very solid arrangement. The pull start and muffler come with the engine.

Standard features include self aligning clutch system with clutch liner factory installed, triple bearing block supporting the drive pinion and start shaft, 10mm fully hardened hollow mainshaft, which is the industry leader in durability, All aluminum head and blade grips fully ballraced, all aluminum push-pull control system designed to eliminate any swashplate interaction through full range of travel, and fully ballraced.

Torque Tube drive with all aluminum tail gearbox is standard. The heavy-duty tail pinion with a third bearing block and the elevator yoke come standard.

A lexan canopy is included, with fibreglass canopies available.

Other options available include constant driven tail system, and a push-pull system for the tail servo.

For those interested in scale applications we offer different gear ratios as well. Available drive pinions are 10,11,12,13,and 14 tooth to a 90 tooth main gear.

Recommended gas to oil mixture is 6 Oz. of fully synthetic oil to a gallon of gas.


(shown with optional fibreglass canopy painted by Eric Larson)
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