Puller for fan hub and flywheel

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Puller for fan hub and flywheel

Postby cbergen » Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:33 pm

This tool makes it a cinch to remove the fan and hub from the 90's and the fan and hub PLUS the flywheel from the gas engines.


#1001T $14.95 includes 2 ea 4X16 SHCS and 2 ea 6X25 SHCS

The entire toolkit is available, #TOOLKIT, $24.95. Includes all 3 tools.


Use the 4X16 SHCS for pulling the fan and hub. On the gasser engine, leave the retaining bolt installed loosely, so you have something to push against.

On the Nitro engine, remove the collet nut entirely, pushing against the crankshaft.


To remove the flywheel, remove the retaining Dawg or nut, and use the 6X25 SHCS threaded into the flywheel, and push against the crankshaft.

After removing the flywheel, you wil find a woodruff key in the crankshaft that must be removed before separating the crankcase halves. Rapping it with a hammer and flat tip screwdriver will get it to pop out.
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