All aluminum rotor head

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All aluminum rotor head

Postby cbergen » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:33 pm

The Bergen Rotor head, as used on all of our birds is of all aluminum construction.

Not a plastic center hub with aluminum grips, not a metal center with plastic outer, no plastic blade grips.

And NOT an upgrade!

The head block is machined on our CNC mill from aircraft grade aluminum.

The blade grips are also machined aluminum, on our CNC mill, anodized in shiny black, then we install the bearings.

Why aluminum? Over time, a plastic head block can allow slop on the mainshaft, can be deformed easily in a relatively minor crash. Plastic blades grips flex, which can cause bent blade bolts with heavier blades and/or higher RPM's. When bearings are seated in plastic, they tend to develop slop or become loose much quicker.

We have yet to sell a replacement set of blade bolts due to them being bent in over 11 years of using aluminum blade grips.

We have spun even heavy 810mm V-Blades at 1800 RPM with no problems noted.

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