Throttle setup for the Industrial Twin

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Throttle setup for the Industrial Twin

Postby cbergen » Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:20 pm

Throttle setup for any heli is very important for proper operation, especially with governors installed.

If your helicopter has tendencies for overspeeding, idle problems, and such, try this setup tip.

In order for the GV-1 governor to work properly, they suggest having a throttle ATV or Endpoints at 100% or more. This may require moving the ball on the servo in closer.


Start in the radio, ensuring your ATV's or endpoints are at or above 100% AND the same for high and low throttle.


Now make sure your throttle curve is 0% at the bottom, 50% in the middle, and 100% at the top.

With your throttle stick at half or 50%, your servo wheel should be at this appx position.


The throttle ARM on the carb should also be pointing straight out away from the engine. If not, adjust the length of the long rod from the servo to the bellcrank to achieve this.



With the throttle linkage disconnected from the servo, Put your throttle stick and trim to the bottom.

Adjust the low ATV or endpoint for the throttle so that the ball link sits on the ball.

Push the throttle stick all the way up, and again adjust the ATV or endpoint on the high side to fit the link onto the ball.

At this point, your high and low ATV's are probably NOT the same anymore.

Lets say you end up with 110 on the low and 120 on the high. The difference between the 2 numbers is 10. Half that is 5.

Add 5 to the low giving you 115, subtract 5 from the high also giving you 115.

At this point you may need to go back and adjust the length of the linkage rod from the sevo wheel to the bellcrank to again allow full travel top and bottom.

Following this procedure you now need to adjust your throttle curve down at the hover point to appx 40% initially and adjust upward during test flight.
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